the data you need from one or many datasources in any data format.
Any popular SQL/NoSQL database
Popular APIs for social media and document storage
Parse HTML websites for structured data


the data to your desired format, adding whatever logic you need
SQL queries against Excel/CSV
any custom format you want!


your data via any communication channel or datasource with custom scheduling capabilities
APIs/Social Media/DMS
Custom application dashboard for real-time looks at data


Aggregated Activity Feed
Build endpoints against your social media activity feeds, order by time and create a dashboard with the aggregated feed
Aggregated Search Engine
Build search endpoints against public API|HTML search page, aggregate into a custom search engine
Twitter Bot
Run a database query every 10 minutes, when new data arrives tweet information
Data Collection via Forms
Build a POST endpoint saving data to your database, create an app with a form using this endpoint, build another app to view results
Generate a hosted .rss/.ics file
Scrape HTML, perform XPATH query to grab list of items, format using RSS/.ics and host at endpoint
Daily reports
Run SQL every n minutes, generate Excel spreadsheet and email to a distribution list
Auotmated invoicing
Once a month, execute a QB API call|DB query to determine outstanding billables, generate PDF invoice and distribute
Uptime detection
Perform HTTP request|DB query|API call every n minutes, send email if service is down
Perform HTTP request every minute, record status in db, create dashboard to graph uptime and calculate SLA
Continuous Integration
Create a POST endpoint which triggers a build, add endpoint to Github Hooks, return success|failure based on build result


eBook Search Engine - Aggregated search engine which searches multiple ebook databases for books
Movie Streaming Search Engine - Aggregated search engine which searches multiple movie search engines/websites for available movies
BirdieBot - Twitter bot tweeting every birdie or better on the PGATour
Wheel of Fortune Spin ID tracker - Twitter bot tweeting that night's SPIN ID, also has a sign up page for email notifications and ID history
Auto-generated AV Club TV Review RSS feeds - Stay current with the latest reviews for your favorite TV show. Find the show id based on the show's AVClub URL and pass it to http://www.datacombinator.com/api/avclub/feed.rss?id={{id}}. Here's the Game of Thrones (experts) reviews.
PGA Majors Calendar - Hosted .ics file for golf's four majors (and the Player's Championship)